The UK Climate Resilience programme is funded under Wave 1 of the Strategic Priorities Fund (SPF).

The SPF builds on Sir Paul Nurse’s (pictured) vision of a “common fund” to drive an increase in high-quality, multi- and interdisciplinary research and innovation.  This research should also ensure that UKRI’s investment links up effectively with government departments’ research priorities and opportunities and enable the system to respond to strategic priorities and opportunities.

The Strategic Priorities Fund provides an excellent opportunity for delivery partners from UKRI and Public Sector Research Establishments to work collaboratively, bringing together different disciplines to address research which strategically aligns with government research priorities.

UK Climate Resilience is managed  by a Programme Board, which has representation of both UKRI and the Met Office. The Programme Board has oversight of planning, finances, risks, monitoring and evaluation. The Programme Board makes decisions around the scope of work packages and calls.

A Steering Committee  composed of senior representatives from policy, the academic community, business leaders and UK Climate Resilience Champions advises the Programme Board.

See Quick Guide to UKCR for more information.

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