The UK Climate Resilience Programme ran from 2019 to 2023

The Science Plan

The Science Plan was developed by the UK Climate Resilience Champions in collaboration with the Met Office and the Programme Steering Committee.

It introduces the vision for the programme and the three main objectives. It then describes the research challenge and the legacy the programme is aiming to leave by the time the programme completes in 2022. The remaining sections describe the key themes for the programme and recommendations for the focus of the research calls to be developed under the programme.

The Science Plan was delivered through four main activities: frontier research, building research capability, developing and testing climate services, and coordination and networking activities. An important aspiration of the programme was to grow the community of interacting researchers, practitioners and policy-makers in climate resilience. This underpinned all activities, but was particularly important in climate services, networking activities and the embedded researcher scheme.

The outputs from this Science Plan pave the way for practical measures to improve UK climate resilience. The tools, knowledge and capability developed here will be applicable in future programmes and initiatives.

Read the Science Plan.