The UK-SSPs project has produced a series of UK-specific socio-economic narratives and gridded data for a range of indicators to 2100, consistent with the Shared Socio-economic Pathways (SSPs) that will underpin the next IPCC assessment report.

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Addressing the Resilience Needs of the UK Health Sector: Climate Service Pilot

 DISCLAIMER: The below data is from initial results of this project. They have been published in an interim form to allow as broad of a community as possible to engage and to interact with the data. They should not be taken as final.

The UK health sector: climate service pilot project has produced several datasets. These datasets below are available, with more information available with the dataset downloads.

  • Temperature-attributable mortality/hospital admission time series for the observed record (1981/1991-2018)
  • List of the 10 highest mortality days from 1991 to 2018 based on UK-total temperature-related mortality
  • Regional and national temperature-mortality/emergency hospital admission relationships
  • Average daily temperature by London boroughs simulated with an urban model, October 2015 to 2019
  • Attributable hospital admission by London boroughs based on the above temperature time series
  • Weather regime and pattern classification for the observed record (1850/1979-2019)
  • Attributable mortality time series for UKCP18 climate projections (1900-2099)

If you encounter any problems or have any queries or wish to provide feedback about this dataset, your first point of contact should be Professor Andrew Charlton-Perez at The ratified data will be available from Public Health England’s (PHE) Environmental Public Health Surveillance System (EPHSS) when complete.

The interim data is currently accessible on the CEDA archive, with information on how to use JASMIN to access the CEDA archive is available here. Once your account is established, apply for permission to access the UKCR group workspace with all the interim data is available here, stating your interest in the data for verification.


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