The UK Climate Resilience Programme ran from 2019 to 2023


Key Messages from the UK Climate Resilience Programme

The three infographics below summarise the key successes and messages from the UKCR programme.

Key Successes

Developing Transdisciplinary Research

Ongoing Research Gaps

Other Infographics

Programme themes and objectives

The UK Climate Resilience Programme has created some infographics illustrating the programme’s strategic themes and lasting legacy objectives.


Multiple Hazards

Multiple Hazards was workstream (a) from the work package From climate hazard to climate risk. One paper that resulted from this project found that future climate change is likely to have a serious impact on two of the UK’s agricultural staples, dairy farming and potato growing.

Increases to agricultural hazards over the next 50 years

Communication of Uncertainty

Communication of Uncertainty was workstream (h) from the work package From climate hazard to climate risk. The project reviewed empirical studies from the cognitive and psychological sciences exploring non-experts’ responses to uncertain climate information. It was led by the University of Leeds and has now been completed.

Two infographics have been produced to communicate the findings from the project:

Evidence-based principles for effective communication of climate change information and associated uncertainty

Evidence-based recommendations for the visualisation of climate information


The UK-SSP project has developed shared socioeconomic pathways (SSPs) for the UK, to help answer key questions about the country’s resilience to climate change.

Here’s a visual overview of the UK-SSPs project

Improving Climate Hazard Information

This Met Office work package focuses on improving climate hazard information, viewed in the context of being able to use the information as part of quantifying climate risks.

Extreme rainfall during autumn

Improved quantification of future changes to UK City temp extremes

Initial implementation of risk assessment frameworks with UKCP18

Work package (c) of the From Climate Hazard to Climate Risk project is on ‘Initial implementation of risk assessment frameworks with UKCP18’.  This work package has translated raw climate projections into more impact relevant metrics, such as the change in frost days or extreme rainfall over the UK, and provides them for different levels of future global warming from 1.5°C above pre-industrial times up to 4°C of global warming.

Global warming and future high impact weather in the UK