The UK Climate Resilience Programme ran from 2019 to 2023

Using the UK Climate Risk Indicators

Welcome and Introduction

The UK Climate Risk Indicators website provides information on future changes to indicators of climate risk across the UK. The information is provided at scales ranging from the district to the four nations of the UK, and for several different scenarios describing how global emissions of the greenhouse gases that cause climate change might increase in the future. Users can plot maps showing the variation in indicators across the UK and can plot and download time series for specific locations.

Exploring the User Interface

To help you understand the key elements of the user interface we have developed a series of short videos.

Key Features of the UK Climate Risk Indicators

Selecting the variables

Downloading the outputs

Guided exercises

You should now have a good understanding of how the UK Climate Risk Indicators User Interface has been built. To help you understand how to use the interface to create outputs to help your adaptation we have developed a series of guided walk throughs. With the help of Thomas,  our AI expert, the following videos talk you through how to use the interface to answer different questions using different options available.

Further reading

The videos are aimed at helping you understand how to use the interface. If you would like to read more about the technical aspects of the UK Climate Risk Indicators, a number of academic papers have been written that you can read here.

Changing climate risk in the UK: A multi-sectoral analysis using policy-relevant indicators
This paper presents a consistent series of policy-relevant indicators of changing climate hazards and resources for the UK, spanning the health, transport, energy, agriculture, flood and water sectors

The effect of climate change on indicators of fire danger in the UK
This paper presents projections of the effects of climate change on UK wildfire danger, using a version of an operational fire danger model.

The effect of climate change on agro-climatic indicators in the UK. 
This paper presents projections of the effect of climate change on agriculture in the UK. It uses a comprehensive series of policy-relevant agro-climate indicators characterising changes to climate resources and hazards that affect productivity and operations.

The impact of climate change on policy-relevant indicators of temperature extremes in the United Kingdom
This paper evaluates the effect of changes in climate on a series of indicators of heat and cold extremes relevant to policy in the United Kingdom.

Climate change effects on indicators of high and low river flow across Great Britain
This paper investigate the potential future changes in both floods and droughts in a consistent way across the whole of Great Britain.

Indicators of climate risk in the UK at different levels of warming
Assessments of the impacts of climate change are typically made using climate scenarios based on assumptions about future emissions of greenhouse gases, but policymakers and climate risk communicators are increasingly asking for information on impacts at different levels of warming. This paper provides this information for a set of indicators of climate risks in the UK for levels of warming up to 4 °C above pre-industrial levels.

The implications of climate change for emergency planning
This paper reviews the implications of climate change for current emergency planning, and for emergency planning as an adaptation to climate change, using the UK as an example.