Journal papers

Project: MAGIC / MOCA

Project: CREWS-UK

Project: Climate Risk Indicators

Project: ClimaCare: Climate resilience of care settings

Project: ClimaCare: Governing the climate adaptation of care settings

Project: UK Socioeconomic Scenarios for Climate Research and Policy

Project: Improving Climate Hazard Information

Project: Improving Climate Hazard Information:Digitization of observations

Project: Coastal resilience in the face of sea level rise: Making the most of natural systems

Project: IMPRES: Impacts and risk assessment to better inform resilience planning

Project: FUTURE-DRAINAGE: Ensemble climate change rainfall estimates for sustainable drainage

Project: FRANTIC: Financial risk and the impact of climate change

Project: Erosion hazards in river catchments: Making critical infrastructure more climate resilient 

Project: From climate hazard to climate risk


Project: CROP-NET: Monitoring and predicting the effects of climate change on crop yields

Project: STORMY-WEATHER: Plausible storm hazards in a future climate

Project: Adaptation & Resilience: Planning & Action for Manchester

Project: A prototype real-time sting jet precursor tool for forecasters

Project: DRAW-IT: Designing Resilient and Adaptable Water management – Integrated & Interactive Tools

Project: Towards a microbial process-based understanding of the resilience of UK peatland systems

Project: Unlocking the potential of surface water flood nowcasting for emergency services in a changing climate

Project: Addressing the resilience needs of the UK Health Sector: Climate Service Pilots

Project: ExSAMPLES: Extreme Samples

Project: OpenCLIM

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