Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning

Monitoring, evaluation and learning from programme activities

As with all SPF programmes, UK Climate Resilience activities will be rigorously monitored to ensure accountability. In addition, there is there is an ambition to identify imaginative and meaningful ways to measure the contribution of the funded research towards the programme goals, i.e. to answer the question at a programme level of, “What is all the funded work contributing to?”.

This will include engaging with the funded projects to identify areas of common interest and overarching programme level questions. These will support the synthesis of emerging lessons across the programme and draw out relevant lessons and stories of change that can be shared more widely to show how the funded activities are contributing to ensuring that the UK become more climate resilient.

To guide the development of the monitoring, evaluation and learning work, an overarching framework has been developed that links the “legacy items” outlined in the Science Plan and the Programme vision and objectives. This also provides an overarching narrative to connect fragmented research, researchers and research users. By plotting the funded activities of the programme onto this it is possible to identify research, knowledge brokering, cross-programme working, gaps and next steps for the programme.

With further development to draw out the theory of how desired change is thought to happen and the assumptions underlying this, the framework will be used to: support continuous improvement / adaptive management of the programme; identify potential risks to the successful delivery of the programme and ways to ameliorate them; and challenge assumptions about how change works in the programme.

A visual of this overarching narrative is available (in pdf format) here.

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