The UK Climate Resilience Programme ran from 2019 to 2023


We are delighted to announce that the new UKCR book Quantifying climate risk and building resilience in the UK has been published.

The volume draws together learnings from across the programme, through a series of chapters co-authored by UKCR-funded researchers, on topics central to the programme’s research agenda.

The book is unique in providing a concise and accessible summary of the programme’s key lessons, placing the findings into a wider context to inform future research, policy and practice agendas. Free access and download of the book is available on the publisher’s website here >>.

Direct access to individual chapters can be found below:


Suraje Dessai, Kate Lonsdale, Jason Lowe, Rachel Harcourt

Kate Lonsdale, Nigel Arnell, Tim Coles, Kate Lock, Emer O’Connell, Paul O’Hare et al.

Undertaking Resilience Research

Nicola Golding, Jenna Ashton, Kate Brown, Steven Chan, Tim Coles, Hayley Fowler et al.

Kate Lonsdale, Tim Coles, Paul O’Hare, Caitlin Douglas, Stephen Scott-Bottoms, Alan Kennedy-Asser et al.

Managing Climate Risks

Freya Garry, Paul O’Hare, Claire Scannell, Jenna Ashton, Michael Davies, Katy A. Freeborough et al.

Edward Brookes, Briony McDonagh, Corinna Wagner, Jenna Ashton, Alice Harvey-Fishenden, Alan Kennedy-Asser et al.

Tools for Resilience Building

Caitlin Douglas, Mark Harrison

Rachel Perks, Craig Robson, Nigel Arnell, James Cooper, Laura Dawkins, Elizabeth Fuller et al.

Understanding and Characterising Risk

Jennifer Catto, Simon Brown, Clair Barnes, Steven Chan, Daniel Cotterill, Murray Dale et al.

Nigel Arnell, Stephen Dorling, Hayley Fowler, Helen Hanlon, Katie Jenkins, Alan Kennedy-Asser

Dan Bernie, Freya Garry, Katie Jenkins, Nigel Arnell, Laura Dawkins, Alistair Ford et al.

Rachel Harcourt, Nick Hopkins-Bond

Suraje Dessai, Kate Lonsdale, Jason Lowe, Rachel Harcourt