The UK Climate Resilience Programme ran from 2019 to 2023

Climate Adaptation in the UK

19 November 2019, 09.00-13.00, Central London

A Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum policy conference

Delegates will discuss key issues raised in the recently published Committee on Climate Change 2019 Progress Report to Parliament including:

  • concerns about the preparedness of key sectors for minimal global warming;
  • policies and national plans not taking sufficient account of climate change, in sectors such as agriculture, the natural environment, health, and infrastructure; and
  • the challenge for government to provide further resources, strengthened governance and more action on urgent risks.

Keynote speakers include: Tom Handysides, Head of Climate Change Adaptation, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; Kathryn Brown, Head of Adaptation, Committee on Climate Change; Dr Hans-Martin Füssel, European Environment Agency; Dr Tony Grayling, Environment Agency; Alan Law, Natural England; Daniel Johns, Anglian Water Services; Alastair Mant, UK Green Building Council and Nigel Riglar, South Gloucestershire Council.

The agenda

  • The National Progress Report – monitoring progress, identifying vulnerabilities, and policy recommendations;
  • Adaptation and environmental protection strategies – natural infrastructure design, boosting resource resilience, and setting guidance;
  • Climate change preparedness – environmental governance reform, protecting public goods, and the Green Finance Strategy;
  • The energy system – adaptation priorities for efficiency, infrastructure resilience, and the low-carbon transition;
  • Boosting climate resilience:
    • Local adaptation strategies – and addressing urban vulnerabilities to climate risks;
    • Sustainable housing – building standards reform, overcoming investment challenges and enhancing property-level flood resilience;
    • Green spaces and biodiversity – strategic planning, green infrastructure, and species and habitat protection;
    • Urban water systems – resilience, enhancing surface water drainage capacity and improving flood management;
  • Policy priorities – for climate change adaptation and strategies for environmental protection.

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Engagement with policy officials at this conference

This Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum conference has attracted particularly strong interest from policymakers. It will be an opportunity for stakeholders to engage with officials who have reserved places representing: BEIS; Cabinet Office; CCC; Defra; DFID; DfT; DIT; DWP; Environment Agency; HMRC; HM Treasury; HSE; Isle of Man Government; Marine Scotland Science; MHCLG; Office of Rail and Road; Ofwat; Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Office; The Crown Estate; UK Space Agency and the Welsh Government.