The UK Climate Resilience Programme ran from 2019 to 2023

Manchester put on ‘A’ list for environmental action

The city of Manchester has been put on the ‘A’ list in a global ranking on leadership in environmental action, in part thanks to the work of a researcher from the UK Climate Resilience Programme.

Dr Paul O’Hare, from Manchester Metropolitan University, worked alongside Manchester Climate Change Agency for 12 months as part of the UK Climate Resilience Programme’s Embedded Researcher scheme.

In receiving their ranking, which was assigned by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the city of Manchester was said to have “demonstrated best practice standards across adaptation and mitigation…set ambitious goals and has made progress towards achieving those goals.”

Three of the seven criteria that the city met in order to receive their ‘A’ list ranking were based on work done through Dr O’Hare’s project.

Dr O’Hare said: “Our vision is for cities like Manchester to have ‘progressive resilience’ to climate change, meaning that it is resilient to climate shocks and stresses, whilst being aligned with other agendas that can make a healthier, happier, and more socially just city.

“There is still much work to do, but I am proud to see recognition of the achievements we have made so far in getting Manchester climate ready.”

Manchester was one of 122 cities around the world that were recognised on the A list for environmental action and transparency. Joining Manchester on that list from the UK were cities including Leeds, York, Edinburgh, Belfast, London and Newcastle.

This follows an update made in October to the Manchester Climate Change Framework, which includes a number of contributions by Dr O’Hare.