The UK Climate Resilience Programme ran from 2019 to 2023

Identifying risk assessment frameworks for climate resilience

25  November 2019,  10.00am – 16.00

Met Office headquarters, Exeter

RAND Europe together with Cranfield University have been commissioned by the UK Climate Resilience Programme to identify a diverse range of risk assessment frameworks that could be applied to support building resilience to climate change in the UK across different levels of governance and sectors. For this study, risk assessment frameworks related to climate or climate change are being considered, but there is also interest in other examples that go beyond incorporating climate or climate change factors (e.g. catastrophe models).

The study team is assembling a long list of frameworks to present at the workshop. The objective of the workshop is to shortlist up to five frameworks that will then be analysed in more depth by the RAND and Cranfield project team.

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