The UK Climate Resilience Programme ran from 2019 to 2023

Pre-announcement for UK Climate Resilience funding opportunities

UKRI will shortly be inviting applications for further UK Climate Resilience funding opportunities. This will be split into several topic areas:

  • Present & future climate hazard (led by NERC): Developing and evaluating new methods and techniques to characterise current and future climate hazards and underlying driving processes.
  • Embedded Researchers (led by NERC): Providing support for researchers to undertake UK based climate resilience research through close collaboration with non-academic host partners.
  • Living with Uncertainty (led by AHRC): Exploring the understanding of what it means to live with uncertainty.

The UK Climate Resilience programme aims to draw together fragmented climate research and expertise to deliver robust, multi- and inter-disciplinary climate risk and adaptation solutions research. This will ensure the UK is resilient to climate variability and change, and powerfully positioned to exploit the opportunities of adaptation and green growth.

Further information will be made available on the programme website here in due course.