The UK Climate Resilience Programme ran from 2019 to 2023

UK Climate Resilience programme Annual Review published

The Annual Review of the SPF UK Climate Resilience programme has now been published, detailing its successes and lessons to be learnt from the past year.

It covers the period from April 2021 to March 2022, which is the third year of the four-year programme.

The review includes notable press coverage, case studies from the various projects and a forward look at the year ahead.

The top programme successes over the period were identified as:

  • Development of climate support services and tools
  • Communication and community building and development
  • Scientific advancement and publications

The key lessons identified were:

  • The programme‚Äôs response to COVID-19 and COP26
  • Data management and information planning
  • Flexibility of research
  • Collaborative working
  • Media response

Overall, the programme management team and the co-Champions were pleased with how the programme has progressed over the last year.

Particularly good progress was reported in building the climate resilience community through virtual communications, such as the webinar series and virtual fora. As well as the Champions activities and project exposure at the COP26 conference in Glasgow in November 2021.

You can access the Annual Review on the Management page of the programme website.