The UK Climate Resilience Programme ran from 2019 to 2023

UKCR funded Met Office projects: newly available outputs

The Climate Resilience Programme’s project list includes several work packages led by the Met Office. As these have progressed over the last several months, we are now able to share project reports on the website.

The Climate Service Pilots work package aimed to draw on available climate risk quantification information to develop useable climate services for different sectors and scales. The project page now has an update from the Bristol-based project on making UKCP18 useable at the urban scale, as well as copies of the factsheets that were developed for use with stakeholders.

The From Climate Hazard to Climate Risk work package has employed a number of different frameworks to consider how hazard information can be reconsidered as context specific risks. Project reports on using UKCP18 to better understand the frequency and severity of high impact weather in the UK and on how best to communicate climate change uncertainty have been added to the project page.

Finally, there are a number of project reports now available from the Improving Climate Hazard Information work package which focused on quantifying climate hazards and risks. Project reports include work on modelling the probability of extreme events and citizen-led rescue of historical weather and climate data, amongst others.

Head to the Project pages to have a browse.