The UK Climate Resilience Programme ran from 2019 to 2023

What can we learn about climate resilience from Covid-19?

What can we learn about UK climate resilience by living through a global pandemic? UK Climate Resilience Programme co-Champion Kate Lonsdale sets out her thoughts on some of the issues thrown up by COVID-19 in a new networking broadcast made by Westminster Energy Forum. 

The video, aimed a keeping stakeholder groups in the energy and climate sectors connected,  is the first WEF Outreach Broadcast and covers a wide range of topics. Dr Lonsdale was invited to contribute on the theme of climate resilience in the UK. She took the opportunity to deliver a short briefing on the work of the UK Climate Resilience Programme and then opened up the subject to discuss how lessons being learned from the current coronavirus crisis can be applied to improving our resilience to climate change.

Watch Kate Lonsdale’s contribution from 25.09-32.34 mins in the broadcast.