The UK Climate Resilience Programme ran from 2019 to 2023

Enhancing the resilience of the water sector to drought events: climate service pilots (eFLaG)

This project aims to co-develop, with the water industry and regulatory partners, a pilot climate service to ensure a coherent, national approach to providing resilience to drought events to the UK’s water resources under a changing climate.

This project is one of the climate service prototypes being developed under the Climate Service Pilots work package led by the UK Met Office.


The core of the approach will be to deliver a useable high-quality enhanced Future Flows (eFF) dataset on future river flows, groundwater levels and recharge. This will be tailored to the needs of the UK water industry so as to make best use of new UK climate projections. The work will also provide an assessment of the benefits of the climate service for achieving drought resilience through further interaction and engagement with water industry and regulatory partners.


  • Development of User Needs Requirement document and Research Specification
  • Short Report describing overall methodology for generating extended Future Flow dataset
  • Bias-corrected UKCP18 Climate Data. Enhanced Future Flows Dataset and Presentation to SPF Climate Resilience Staff
  • Demonstration of dataset to the Water Industry via workshop and Technical Report and Journal Paper drafted


The eFLaG project dataset is now available to download.