The UK Climate Resilience Programme ran from 2019 to 2023

Facilitating the delivery and use of climate services

This Met Office led project contributes to the Accelerating the Uptake of Climate Services Work Package of the UKCR Programme. Its aim is to engage with key stakeholders within the UK climate services landscape to determine whether there is a need for a UK National Framework of Climate Services (NFCS). The growing climate services landscape in the UK is very dynamic and diverse and better coordination through a national framework could connect the various actors better and make investments more effective. This could facilitate a higher functioning climate services landscape benefitting UK interests, UK enhanced adaptation and mitigation reducing risk to UK citizens and business, and increasing resilience.

The UK climate services landscape comprises multiple different groups, activities and products to meet different priorities and consideration is being given to the needs of all stakeholders involved with climate service co-development, co-delivery and use. A series of engagement workshops was held throughout June 2021 with identified key stakeholders to explore views on a NFCS, the potential benefits this national coordination may bring and how it may be structured.

Following these stakeholder engagement activities, a positioning paper has now been produced laying out the shared vision on a UK NFCS, and recommendations on its structure and implementation.

For more information please see the project brochure.