The UK Climate Resilience Programme ran from 2019 to 2023

Prototype development – Meeting Urban User Needs


Part of the Climate Service Pilots work package, this project aims to understand user needs for specific applications of local decision-making, in aspects such as health, infrastructure and water.

While the work initially focused on the co-development of urban climate services for Bristol City Council, it has now been rolled out to other cities and regions. Plans also include a new flood related prototype through co-development with partners in Northern England.

Heat Packs

Heat Packs have been created for the following cities:

Co-developed with local authorities, these factsheets provide information on how extreme heat events in selected cities may change this century due to climate change. The Heat Packs also communicate the impacts of these events, plus how to build resilience to extreme heat.

City Packs

A series of City Packs have also been developed, which use the latest UK Climate Projections (UKCP) data to provide high-level, non technical local summaries of a city’s future climate. They use graphics and tables to communicate scientific research in an accessible way, providing robust climate information to help city decision makers plan for the future, enabling cities to become more resilient to climate change.

The first was co-developed with Bristol City Council in 2020. Since then, City Packs have been produced for 20 cities and regions.

The following City Packs were published in August 2022: 

Note: The packs supersede all previous versions of the City Packs, which were first developed for seven UK cities (Bristol, Belfast, Glasgow, Kirklees, Leeds, London City, Exeter) using v2018 Probabilistic Projection data.

Interim City Packs provided in April (vApril2022), which were produced using pre-release data, have also been updated and replaced with this new version (vAugust2022).