The UK Climate Resilience Programme ran from 2019 to 2023

Review of standards, guidance and codes of practice for enhancing climate resilience

This project – full title, “Review of climate resilience mainstreaming into regulatory and voluntary standards, national guidance, and other sectorial/industry codes of practice” – aims to understand the climate information inputs into commonly used national guidance standards. It is part of the Climate Service Pilots work package led by the UK Met Office.


Beginning in January 2020 with a literature review, questionnaires and interviews this project will identify different climate standards and standardised industry-wide tools related to climate resilience across the sectors to be covered.

Standards, such as Environment Agency flooding guidelines, building codes, British Standards for Adaptation, Office of Nuclear Regulations standards and others, will be reviewed to develop recommendations for updating the climate information input so as to enhance resilience.

Evidence of the level of engagement and influence of the identified standards will help to determine good practice guidance and recommendations for improvements.

Read the Final Report (published December 2020) by JBA Consulting

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