The UK Climate Resilience Programme ran from 2019 to 2023

Upscaling of climate service pilots into routine services

This project contributes to the Met Office-led Work Package on Climate Service Pilots. Its aim is to consider how to exploit the existing pilot services developed under the UKCR Programme and “upscale” them such that we move beyond pilot to routine services making them useful and accessible to other stakeholders. This is a key question with which the climate services community is currently wrestling, both in terms of scalability and also sustainability.


This project will focus on three main tasks.

  1. Expanding our understanding through a literature review focused on upscaling, challenges and opportunities, and lessons learned gathered from a variety of sectors that have experience with upscaling innovations.
  2. Adapting existing upscaling frameworks/tools to our specific needs through testing their application on two case studies.
  3. Synthesising the experiences and lessons learned from the application of the prototype upscaling approach to the two case studies.