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Seeking water resource resilience at national, regional and landscape scales in England and Wales (Webinar)

UK Climate Resilience Webinars 2021

Date: 27 January 2021

Speakers:  Julien Harou (University of Manchester); stakeholder respondent Steve Moncaster (Water Resources East)

Chair: Suraje Dessai (UKCR Co-Champion)

See links to a video of the webinar and slides below


The UK water sector continuously asks itself whether its services are sufficiently resilient and robust in the face of multiple uncertainties, including uncertain climate change impacts on both water supplies and demands. This talk reviews scientific approaches and tools developed and applied in three ongoing efforts at different scales to embed resilience into water planning decisions. The first is a national scale water supply-demand model aiming to identify cost effective investments that enable resilience at national scale. The second is a regional multi-sector water management and planning effort in East Anglia. The third, is a modelling approach aiming to create resilience through synergies between land management and water resources, such that government land management policies and programmes also contribute to water management goals. In each case, stakeholder collaboration and co-production mechanisms are described.


Julien Harou  is Chair in Water Engineering at Manchester. His group contributes globally leading research in water resources planning and management, water-energy-food systems, and environmental management software.  He is research director of the £8M UKRI-funded project. Current and recent collaborators include UK water regulators, UK water companies, The World Bank, IUCN, IHA, TNC, IWMI, WWF, IFC, DEFRA, and consultancies.

Steve Moncaster is Technical Director for Water Resources East.  He has 30 years of experience as a hydrogeologist and water resource planner working in both the UK and the US, including 12-years as Supply Demand Strategy Manager for Anglian Water.  His current responsibilities include developing and implementing the WRE’s technical programme of work with the goal of advancing ways for water abstractors from different sectors to work together more effectively.

View the video and presentation slides for the webinar:

  • Recording of the webinar: video
  • Introduction and updates (Suraje Dessai): slides
  • Presentation (Julien Harou): slides