Climate resilience webinar series 2020-2021

A UK Climate Resilience Programme (UKCRP) lunchtime webinar series in which both researchers and stakeholders participate.  The webinars showcase projects conducted for UKRI and by the Met Office for the SPF UK Climate Resilience Programme and thematic topics.

All webinars are on Wednesdays and run from 12.00-13.00. For links to videos and slides from past webinars, see below (or go directly to the webinars playlist for recordings on our YouTube channel).

2 December

Title: Smart systems approaches for climate resilient livestock production (see event listing)

Speaker: Professor Lisa Collins (University of Leeds) and Karro Food Group Ltd

Chair: Kate Lonsdale

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16 December

Title: Urban climate change and climate services (see event listing)

Speakers: Claire Scannell/Lizzie Kendon (Met Office)

Chair: Jason Lowe

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13 January 2021

Title: UK-SSPs: setting out socioeconomic trajectories for climate resilience research 

Speaker:  Jon Stenning (Cambridge Econometrics)

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27 January 2021

Title:  DRAW-IT: Designing Resilient and Adaptable Water management – Integrated & Interactive Tools

Speaker: Julien Harou (University of Manchester)

10 February 2021

Title:  MAGIC: Mobilising adaptation – governance of infrastructure through co-production

Speaker: Liz Sharp

24 February 2021

Title: An event-based assessment of the impact of climate change on future flood risk

Speaker: Paul Sayers (Sayers and Partners)

10 March 2021

Title: Climate resilience and the national flood and coastal erosion risk management strategy

Speakers: Harriet Orr and Andy Eden (Environment Agency)

24 March 2021

Title: Overheating in care homes

Speaker: Mike Davies (UCL)

Past webinars

18 November

Speakers: Dr Neil MacDonald (University of Liverpool) and Dr Thomas Kjeldsen (University of Bath)

Title: Building UK climate resilience through bridging the qualitative-quantitative data divide (see event listing)

4 November

Speakers: Don Monteith (UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology) and Fraser Leith (Scottish Water)

Title: Forecasting risk of environmental exacerbation of dissolved organic matter – building climate change resilience (see event listing for slides and videos of webinar)

28 October

Speakers: Robert Nicholls (Tyndall Centre, UEA) and Charlotte Thompson (CoastalRes Consortium)

Title: Coastal Resilience to Flood and Erosion Hazard: A Demonstration for England (see event listing for slides and videos of webinar)

21 October

Speakers: Declan Conway (Grantham Research Institute, LSE), Dr Alistair Nesbitt (Vinescapes), Dr Kate Gannon (GRI), Prof Steve Dorling (University of East Anglia)

Title: Characterising and adapting to climate risks in the UK wine sector (see event listing for slides and videos of webinar)

7 October

Speakers: Andrew Charlton-Perez (University of Reading)/Mark Harrison (Met Office)

Title: Understanding heat related mortality (see event listing for slides and videos of webinar)

23 September

Speakers: Simon Brown / Daniel Cotterill (Met Office)

Title:  Statistical analysis and attribution of impact relevant climate extremes (see event listing for slides and videos of webinar)

9 September

Speaker: Professor Nick Pidgeon and Christina Demski (Cardiff University), with Frances Pimenta (Defra)

Title: Understanding UK perceptions of climate risk and resilience (see event listing for videos of webinar)

29 July

Speaker: Prof Richard Betts, MBE (University of Exeter and Met Office), and Kathryn Brown (Committee on Climate Change)

Title: Gathering the evidence for the 3rd UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (See event listing for slides and videos of the webinar)

22 July

Speakers:  Prof Rachel Warren (Tyndall Centre, University of East Anglia), Alan Kennedy-Asser and Jeff Price, with a response by Gemma Holmes, Committee on Climate Change

Title:  IMPRES: Impacts and risk assessment to better inform resilience planning (See event listing for slides and videos of the webinar)

8 July

Speakers: Dr Kate Lonsdale, UK Climate Resilience Champion, and Tom Hughes, Senior Policy Advisor, National Infrastructure Commission 

Title: Creating climate resilience in the UK: What does this mean, and how might we achieve it? (See event listing for slides and videos of the webinar)

24 June

Speakers: Professor Hayley Fowler, Professor of Climate Change Impacts, Newcastle University (Project PI) and Murray Dale, Technical Director and Chartered Meteorologist, JBA

Title: FUTURE-DRAINAGE: Ensemble climate change rainfall estimates for sustainable drainage (See event listing for slides and webinar recording)

10 June 2020

Speakers: Dr Freya Garry, Climate Scientist, Met Office and Dr Tom Denbigh (Defra)

Title: How will multiple climate hazards impact UK food over the 21st Century? (See event listing for slides and webinar recording plus answers to Q&A)

20 May 2020

Speakers: Professor Nigel Arnell,  Professor of Climate Science, Department of Meteorology, University of Reading and Brendan Freeman (Committee on Climate Change)

Title: Indicators of changing climate risk in the UK (See event listing for slides and webinar recording)


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