The UK Climate Resilience Programme ran from 2019 to 2023

UK Climate Change Risk Assessments and working towards NAP3

UK Climate Resilience Programme Webinar Series 2021-2022

Date: 11 May 2022, 12.00pm (BST)

Speakers: Megan Bickle (Defra), Natalie Roberts (Defra) and Liz Bergere (Defra)

Chair: Kate Lonsdale

See below for links to the webinar recording and presentation slides


This seminar will give an overview of the Government’s 3rd Climate Change Risk Assessment and how this is steering the development of a more robust and systematic 3rd National Adaptation Programme. It will also highlight upcoming opportunities to engage with officials on the development process and early thoughts on the 4th Climate Change Risk Assessment.


  • UKCR programme updates (Chair)
  • Overview of the Government’s CCRA3 (Megan Bickle)
  • Indicator development and the OECD case study (Megan Bickle)
  • NAP3 development and engagement (Natalie Roberts)
  • CCRA4  (Megan Bickle)
  • Q&A


Megan Bickle is an Adaptation Research Manager at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and led on the government delivery of the third Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA). She is now exploring requirements for the fourth CCRA and how future National Adaptation Programmes can include monitoring and evaluation to assess progress in adapting to climate change and avoid maladaptation. Megan holds a PhD in fluid dynamics from the University of Leeds, specialising in mesoscale convective systems and the West African Monsoon.

Natalie Roberts is Defra’s lead on the Natural Environment chapter for the 3rd National Adaptation Programme (NAP3). Her primary role is to support policy teams with their development of adaptation plans, and to bring those plans together into a coherent programme of work, which will be implemented across the NAP3 period (2023-2028). She holds a PhD in palaeoceanography from the University of Cambridge, where she investigated the link between deep Atlantic currents and climate change.