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COP26: Implications for enhancing resilience (Webinar)

UK Climate Resilience Programme Webinar Series 2021

Date:  21 April 2021, 12-1pm BST

Speakers: Youssef Nassef (UNFCCC Secretariat), Dr Louise Ellis (University of Leeds), Liam Upson (COP26 Unit, Cabinet Office)

Chair: Jason Lowe

See links to a video of the webinar and slides below

The next UN climate conference, CoP26, is scheduled to be held in the UK in November. Discussions will focus on updating the pledges made by nations to reduce their emissions as part of the Paris Climate Accord, but will also have a greater focus on adaptation and enhancing the resilience of people around the world. This webinar will explore the aims and likely debate at CoP26, focusing on resilience, from three perspectives. The first perspective will take an overview of the UN process and potential focus of the negotiations on resilience. The second perspective will explore the UK’s aims for CoP26, including for adaptation and resilience. The final perspective will take a more local view, focusing on the response of the University of Leeds to climate change during this year. As usual, the talks will be followed by a chance for questions and answers from the speakers.


  • Youseff Nassef  is Director, Adaptation at UNFCCC.
  • Liam Upson is the Adaptation and Resilience campaign lead in COP26 Unit within the Cabinet Office. He previously worked in Defra on domestic climate adaptation policy, including the Adaptation Reporting Power, as well as in DFID on climate change policy and programming.
  • Louise Ellis is Director of Sustainability at University of Leeds
This webinar is part of Connecting Voices for Climate Action, a week of events convened by the University of Leeds to build local to global ambition for COP26 and beyond.

View the video and presentation slides for the webinar: