The UK Climate Resilience Programme ran from 2019 to 2023

Webinar: How will multiple climate hazards impact UK food over the 21st Century?

UK Climate Resilience Programme Webinar series

Wednesday 10 June 12.00-13.00

Speaker: Dr Freya Garry, Climate Scientist, Met Office, and Dr Ed Pope (Met Office)

Abstract: Compound climate events occur when climate drivers result in multiple climate hazards, leading to increased impacts relative to the hazards occurring separately. To classify as a compound event, hazards may occur concurrently, or consecutively, or might involve multiple climate drivers. The hazards may be spatially related or the first may be a preconditioning event that causes the second driver to result in a hazardous situation. In this seminar we will introduce compound climate events with a focus on the impacts to the UK agricultural sector. We will present initial results from case studies which include examples of different types of compound hazard. As well as characterising future changes to compound hazards, we aim to combine this information with exposure and vulnerability generate risk projections where possible. We will demonstrate our use of the UK Climate Projections perturbed parameter ensemble and discuss some of our plans for ongoing work. 

Dr Ed Pope, Expert Scientist and Manager of the Climate Security team at the Met Office, will respond to the presentation, giving wider context on agricultural research at the Met Office and the pull through of science to decision making through the DEFRA Food and Farming Service.

Dr Tom Denbigh will respond on behalf of Defra.

A recording of Dr Freya Garry’s webinar is now available on our YouTube channel as four separate films:

You can also view the presentation slides and read Freya Garry’s responses to the Q&A.

This webinar part of a series of mainly fortnightly webinars hosted by the UK Climate Resilience Programme – see the full programme.