The UK Climate Resilience Programme ran from 2019 to 2023

Programme Board

The Programme Board (PB) is responsible for providing the strategic direction for the programme, the delivery of the programme’s objectives and is the ultimate decision-making authority for the  programme.  In particular the Programme Board is required to carry out the following tasks:

  • Ensure a coherent and integrated programme of delivery through the two delivery bodies (UKRI and Met Office)
  • Provide oversight of the delivery of the programme
  • Agree scope of calls and directly commissioned research, assessment processes and award authorisation
  • Oversee financial management of the programme activities
  • Oversee the monitoring and evaluation of programme
  • Appoint a Steering Committee to provide advice and recommendations on the delivery of the programme
  • Appoint the Champion, and direct their activities.

The membership of the SPF UK Climate Resilience Programme Board is:

  • Chief Scientist of the Met Office (or nominee) (co-chair)
  • NERC Director of Research and Innovation (or nominee) (co-chair)
  • Senior Responsible Owner Met Office Allocation
  • Senior Responsible Owner NERC Allocation
  • Partner UKRI Research Council Representative ESRC
  • Partner UKRI Research Council Representative EPSRC
  • Partner UKRI Research Council Representative AHRC

The Chair of the Steering Committee and Climate Resilience Champion are expected to be regular attendees at the Board invited to attend items of relevance and report to the Board. Other attendees will be invited according to the issues being discussed. Attendees do not have voting rights or decision making authority.


The Programme’s Secretariat is based at the UKRI office in Swindon.  The Secretariat liaises with the programme governing bodies to ensure efficient delivery of programme activities, coordinate grant funding activities and provide administrative support to the Programme Board and Steering Committee.